‘Jagan Knows Who Killed YS Viveka’

Sunil Yadav’s family members allege that YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case is a threat to life by CBI and influential leaders. Sunil Yadav said his father, younger brother and wife were being victimized in a big scam.

Sunil’s brother Kiran Kumar Yadav, who had a conversation with the media at his home in Pulivendula, alleged that Viveka had been involved in the murder only to protect his brother from some prominent leaders. Kiran told YS Jagan that he was well aware of who murdered Vivekananda.

Kiran alleged that the CBI was carrying out a fake search operation in the lake to find weapons used to kill Vivekananda. Sunil’s father Krishnayya alleged that Viveka’s security guard Ranganna was silent when he suddenly proposed the son’s name after two and a half years at the CBI hearing. He said his family cared for Vivek as their God and that Vivek came to his home on some occasions.

Sunil’s wife Lakshmi questioned why CBI officials were not investigating the 11 suspects who had filed Viveka’s daughter in the High Court. He alleged that CBI officials tortured her husband in New Delhi for 2 months and 25 days and forced him to confess to murdering Viveka.

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