‘Kaallu, Chethulu Nariki Pampistham’, Warns Revanth

In Telangana there is a verbal war between political parties. TRS MLA Jogu Ramanna has made controversial remarks against T-PCC chief Revant Reddy. At the Dalit-Adivasi-Girija Dandora on Monday in Indraveli, Revant made his usual objection to the KCR.

Revant said in his speech that KCR had only 20 months to rest at his farmhouse and that the Congress government would send him to Cherlapally Jail. The criticism did not fit the TRS leaders and former minister Jogu Ramanna spoke and responded to the media at Telangana Bhawan.

“Congress took the help of Adilabad’s BJP MPs to hold this public meeting. Said Jogu Ramanna.

“These lunti conferences are spoken by Petti Pichi Pichi Pichi … Raipu Adilabad District Nunche Revant Reddy Garu … Thousand Chetulu Nariaki Pumpistan,” Ramanna said in Telugu.

This comment is out of line and should be avoided. It is invigorating in nature and can invite a fierce counterpoint from Revant Reddy, who was previously unaccustomed to a verbal firefight.

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